November 26, 2014

Work with Sue

“Sue is probably one of THE MOST talented ladies I know who EXCELS in providing business leaders with info that can inspire & re-fire them in pursuing their goals! Just had an hour of her time and WOW!” …Suzi Fox

“I loved my conversation with you and felt so much better! You’re so inspiring……my words for 2016 – FOCUS and BELIEVE!”…Fran Jessee

Let’s take your INNOVATIVE IDEAS and turn them into REALITY!

I am an expert Idea Innovator and can help you uncover your passions and find that ‘thing’ that Ignites you!  Together, we will discover a plethora of ideas on how to turn that passion into a viable business idea and create a list of outside the box marketing ideas to let the world know all about it!

*Business planning and development  *Defining your target market  *Branding Development (Business name, Tag line, Logo, Banner)  *Lead generation email list  *Basic website/blog  *Basic WordPress training  *Private Facebook page to match website  *Social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)  *Marketing materials (business cards, ads, etc.) *The power of writing/blogging  *Tons of Resources to build and market your business! 

Do you have a business idea? Need to brainstorm new ideas to market your business?
Schedule your FREE Innovative Idea Brainstorming/ Strategy Session and together we will discover new ways to get the word out about your amazing business!

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